Wooden Shutters

North West Shutters has over 15 years experience in the supply and installation of wooden shutters throughout the North West of England. Specialising in the Cheshire, Lancashire and the surrounding areas, our high-quality plantation shutters can not only transform a home but also add value. On this page, you can browse our range of shutter materials, designs, finishes and features.

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Monterey Pine Shutters

Monterey Pine Shutters is a durable and robust wood that is fast growing and has a medium density. Our particular range of Monterey Pine is sustainably sourced in New Zealand, the timber is commonly used for flooring, furniture and fencing. The Monterey Pine Shutters are only available in a white finish.

Basswood Shutters

Available in a vast range of finishes, ultra-durable and FSC certified, our Basswood Shutters range is our most popular and stunning range. Basswood is known as the industry standard for a hardwood shutter, it has been used to manufacture hardwood shutters and blinds worldwide for over 30 years.

Poly Shutters

Our stunning Poly range is moisture resistant making it the perfect choice for your bathroom and kitchen windows. Our waterproof shutters are robust and is available with stainless steel hinges and a white finish, they look identical to our wooden shutters!

White Ash Shutters

White Ash is our premium material for Plantation Shutters. Strong, robust and has character with its beautiful grain. Available in both paint and stain finishes where its beautiful grain can still be seen.

Shutters Styles

Bay window shutters

Full Height Shutters

Full height shutters are designed to cover your window entirely from top to bottom. This design comes with many benefits, the major one being privacy, full height shutters not only allow you full privacy whilst giving you control of natural light, but they are also a great addition to your homes security to prevent break-ins.

Cafe Style Plantation Shutters in Cheshire

Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe style shutters, also known as ‘half-height shutters’, only cover a portion of your window, they can either go up half the height of your window or up to two-thirds of the window but they do not fully cover the window. This style of shutter is most popular in bathrooms, kitchens and living room bay windows.

Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on Tier Shutters

A popular style of shutter for sash windows is tier on tier shutters. This particular style gives you the best of both full height and cafe style. It splits the panels into a top and bottom tier that can be operated individually, allowing you maximum light and complete control of your homes privacy.

Full height patio door shutters with a midrail and hidden tilt

Shutter Doors

Wooden Shutters are not just ideal for windows but can be the perfect solution for doors. Wooden shutters are a very popular option for dressing French doors and patio doors. We offer a number of ways you shutter doors can be opened, either sleekly on a track system or by folding away.

triangle shaped plantation shutters North West Shutters

Shaped Shutters

Being a plantation shutter specialist for over 15 years, North West Shutters can expertly design and install wooden shutters for windows of all shapes and sizes. Whether your windows are arched, triangular or circular, we can dress them with made to measure wooden shutters.

solid panel shutters

Solid Panel Shutters

Our most classic option of wooden shutters is our Solid Panel range, found in many historic victorian and Georgian homes to protect the property from the highs and lows of British weather. Our range of solid shutters also offers a blackout solution ideal for bedrooms.

Shutter Tilt Options

5 Reasons to get Plantation Shutters

Centre Tilt Rod

The Centre Tilt Rod is our classic tilt option, a rod is fixed to the centre of the louvres and is operated up and down to open and close the louvres.

hidden tilt rod

Hidden Tilt Rod

The Hidden tilt rod is a discreet metal bar fixed onto the back of the louvres, this allows you to operate the louvres together with a easy tilt system appearance.

offset tilt rod

Offset Tilt Rod

The Offset Tilt Rod works in the exact same way as the centre tilt rod with the exception that the rod can be fixed to either the left or right hand side of the louvres.

Monterey Pine Shutters at North West Shutters

Easy Tilt System

The Easy Tilt system is our modern option of operating louvres, a gear system is built into the shutter panel so you can open and close your louvres by hand.

Shutter Features & Upgrades

shutter hinges

Shutter Hinges

All of our shutters ranges come with a white hinge as standard but we do have 6 hinge colours on our range! White, Pearl, Bisque, Black, Stainless Steel, Nickel Plated, Bright Brass, and Antique Brass.

Bifolding shutters

Bifolding Shutters

If you are looking for shutters you can open and close frequently, bi-folding shutter panels are the perfect choice to open and fold back the shutters neatly. Bifolding Shutter Panels are most suitable for flat windows.

Shutter finishes

Shutter Finishes

We are able to supply and fit shutters in any colour or stain finish. All of our ranges are available in a paint finish, Stains are available in our Basswood Range and our poly range is available in a white finish. All of our shutters have a UV treatment to avoid discolouration.

poplar shutters at North West Shutters

Shutter Louvres

Commonly called ‘Slats’, we offer three louvre sizes, the smallest is 64mm, Medium is 76mm and large at 89mm. The smaller the louvre the more privacy you will have whereas the bigger the louvre size will offer maximum natural light.

blackout shutters

Blackout Shutters

Our range of blackout shutters come with a lined pleated blind to seal any gaps where the light may leak through the shutters. This option guarantees a complete blackout solution for any bedroom or nursery.

lockable shutters

Lockable Shutters

Increase the security of your home with our lockable shutters, a lock and key system to secure your shutters. Our lockable shutters can help prevent break-in’s and make your windows more child friendly.

hidden hinges

Hidden Hinges

Our hidden hinges leave a sleek and smart finish to your shutters, the hinge is concealed in between the shutter panel and framework, leaving a truly stunning finish.

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